What can you expect from this blog? Articles about science, philosophy and psychology? The philosophy behind scientific psychology!

Writing this blog, is basically a way of arranging the pseudo-scientific thoughts that come to my mind in a more coherent fashion which may boggle the minds of the fellow readers, but also aims to ignite a discussion.

Topics of my interest range from physics to science fiction to the realms of life. I also like analyzing signals. Both the experimental and the mental kind.

Needless to say, I like playing with words. I don’t just play, I cavort with them. I use so many euphemisms at times,  it’s not even punny.

I love dwelling on inconclusive problems. More than that, I love analyzing solutions. I also like pretending to know-it-all. At least there’s no pretension about that.

So what does this all result in? Ramblings of an 20-something self-proclaimed nerdy woman on a virtual canvas that is this blog. Quod erit demonstrandum.

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